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On The Use Of Influence On Bribery

Posted on:2015-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of social economy, the central government has strengthened the importance of the legal system of the state and social development, emphasis on resolutely crack down on corrupt elements, for some the use of nepotism and national staff collusion to bribery, seek improper interests for others to resolutely combat behavior. In the criminal code enacted in1997did not conduct a comprehensive system of influence using bribery behavior description, but as a process of collective crime in bribery. Along with the progress of our society,corruption is serious influence the harmonious development of the society, use the influence of bribery crime is the national fight against internal corruption and law. Amendment to the bribery crime by the influence of criminal law legislation introduced in2009, and introduced the related criminal law amendment. To use the influence of bribery is added to the criminal law of our country, has aroused heated discussion on bribery crime by the influence of the legal theory of criminal law amendment after. Although the new provisions of the criminal law amendment is a great progress in punishing the criminal law the crime of corruption, its progressive significance is widely praised in society, but we should also see the provisions of criminal law, only is not enough, to finally realize the legislation purpose of influence using bribery, also need to be comprehensive, thorough, system research and Analysis on it, and through the research and response to the possible problems in the practice of criminal law, to make this change in earnest. The public officials use the influence of bribery crime can effectively combat the use of influence to bribery and influential bribes. It also shows that China has the legislature and government efforts to crack down on corruption, but also form an effective deterrent to corruption in the other. Effects of corruption now serious to the efficiency of government operation, through the influence of bribery against, can promote the harmonious development of society, effectively alleviate the current because of corruption and bring the political crisis. Use the influence of bribery step legislation, can effectively make up the loopholes in legislation on bribery in influence of corruption crime, more effective against. maintain the good reputation of the government. And the criminal law of our country to use the influence of bribery legislation compared to before, the legislation on the bribery crime by the influence of the criminal law of our country has a more significant meaning. Using the influence of bribery crime is the "criminal law amendment (seven)" new crimes, regardless of academic researchand legal practice department regarding the crime is relatively weak, systematic study, deeply of this crime, it can enrich the content of the crime of corruption, crime of corruption of breadth, depth deepening research of corruption crime the. Using the influence of bribery crime and bribery crime, the definition of the relationship between the influence of bribery and mediate bribery crime, but also directly affects the legislative system of bribery crime, therefore, it is necessary to probe into the. Because of the insufficiency of the research, many problems still need to be deeply discussed, with specific guidance to the judicial practice.
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