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A Study On The Power Grants Mechanism Of The Party Committee

Posted on:2015-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F B LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431489871Subject:Scientific socialism and the communist movement
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The county party committee secretary, as commander in chief of a county, a powerful, andin the important position, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and their levelof local organizations of the communist party of China is responsible. Such high dominanceand political status, makes the pyramid spire general power status. Imagine such a high andsignificant power with good blessings one party and the people, on the contrary, will cause theabuse of power, abuse power for personal gains, such as trade power corruption, organization,society, and even the country bring immeasurable loss. So the optimization of county poweroperation mechanism are imperative. Accurate grasp of the county party committee secretaryof the specific group behavior characteristics, analyzes the logic operation of power, sourcesand channels of county power granted, help to explore the construction of a scientific theoryof mechanism of county power granted.The county party committee secretary of the power is given by the people. As localleaders, local communist party secretary of the party organization, the exercise of the powerof both the party’s power component, also have the composition of the public power, and inreal life may be in the majority with exercise public power components. Public power is fromthe part of the civil rights assignment. The communist party of China quickens, governing forthe people, that is, to respect, protect and realize the rights of citizens. The people is the baseof the party’s ruling, the source of power, and the mass work is an important task of the partyand the government, is the bridge and the link to ties with the masses of the party andgovernment, is the basic work of building a harmonious society. The county party committeesecretary is to strengthen the main body of mass work, ability quality, style of work methodsand conditions, is directly related to the effectiveness of the mass work is related to the overallsituation of reform, development and stability, the relationship to the party and thegovernment’s image and credibility. Party secretary and the surroundings is an integral whole,mass work correctly, is advantageous to the leadership to achieve the goal of work.
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