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On Special Procedure Of Criminal Procedure For Juvenile Delinquency

Posted on:2015-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431970379Subject:Code of Criminal Procedure
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In February2013, Haidian Public Security Bureau of Beijing published an article about a gang rape case. After that, reports of Li who is the son of famous singer Mr.Li involved in a gang rape case sweeped across the Internet of the whole China. The media rushed to report it and paid much attention to it. In the field of law, the case also caused a great stir, in which Li, as a minor, has also become a focus in this case.Minors have particular physical and psychological characteristics and they are immature in both physiology and psychology and they have poorer self-control and resolution capacity than adults, who are more vulnerable to outside influence, therefore they are considered to be a special group in society. Juvenile crime is a problem that is needed to be taken seriously by any country that has a sound legal system. These countries have put great emphasis on the construction of special procedures for juvenile criminal cases in order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. Criminal Procedural Law was enforced officially on January1st,2013, in special procedures of whose5th volume, the first chapter specifically stipulates procedure of criminal cases of minors, from which we can see that our increasing emphasis on juvenile delinquency has been in line with the international community.This article focuses on introducing some relative problems of special procedures of juvenile delinquency of our country. The first part gives a brief introduction of special procedures of juvenile delinquency, which first introduced the definition, features and causes of juvenile delinquency; then it focuses on the principles of special procedures of juvenile delinquency that should be observed; at last, it concentrates on illustration of several systems of special procedures of juvenile delinquency. The second part focuses on the defects of China’s special procedures of juvenile delinquency, first it reveals the serious phenomenon of invasion of privacy, then followed by the seriousness of pre-trial detention, besides, the lack of clarity in terms of conditional non-prosecution,the various problems of social survey system and finally the defeats of criminal record of the system. The third part is the last section of this article, which mainly put forward a sound proposal for the defeats of some parts of the procedures, mostly from the perspective of minors protection concepts and system procedures.Minors symbolize the future of our country, and I hope that the juvenile criminal procedure system in China will become increasingly sound to fully guarantee the legitimate interests of minors and to bring the function of punishment and education into full play.
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