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Election Mobilization And Order Change

Posted on:2015-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ZhangFull Text:PDF
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This thesis chooses North Village, Northeast distract in Hebei Province as thecase, adopts field investigation method in sociology and makes a detailed inspectionof two competitive election since the establishment of villagers’ committee of NorthVillage. The core issue of the paper is studying the relationship between electionmobilization and order variety by the representation of the mobilization way of twocompetitive election in North Village in2009and2012.In the paper, political order change in grassroots is always as the historybackground of investigating election mobilization. Political order of traditionalChinese rural society has experienced the course of"stabilization-turmoil-remodeling-plurality", political order and its legitimacy losesuniformity basis after going through turbulence, revolution and society reconstruction.This pre-judgment will be the general principle of inspecting the relationship betweenelection mobilization and order variety. This paper lays particular emphasis onelection mobilization technique and the social basis of using such technique, whichwill be analyzed elaborately as the important aspects of problems. The study showsthat, two competitive election in North Village not only adopt mobilizationtechnique of using some traditional factors, such as family, human relationship, faceand so on, but also applying some modern techniques, such as interest lure, circlemobilization. The social basis of the two kinds of mobilization techniques is socialfact of constant transition of rural society political order. The survey suggests that, theconstant coupling of mobilization and order breeds different mobilization techniquesand order basis. Meanwhile, they have formed interaction relationship. The researchfinds that political power, clan power, gentry power, civil right, property right andpolitical power are all playing a part in election, which haven’t formed more stableweight and order; in contrast, the value elements that villagers respect also lack ofuniformity. In the words of contemporary political slogan, there hasn’t been formedmain and unified core values. More exactly, the whole village is in fragment values. Different circles and even every villager has different value tendency and behaviorfoundation. So in general, the rural political order will prolong the indeterminatesituation under the background of social transformation and value deficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Election motivation, Order variety, Authority, Legitimacy
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