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On The System Of Appearing In Court In Criminal Procedure

Posted on:2013-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A witness is an important participant in the proceedings, criminal witness system is the important part of the system of criminal evidence, for the smooth progress of the criminal activity has important significance. The two law systems of criminal witness appearing in court shall, in large measure to improve criminal witness appearing in court as a witness the possibility, to our country criminal witness system has a far-reaching significance. In witness unwilling to appear in court or refuses to appear in court, witness legal rights can not be effectively protected, witness system exists many defects in the context, the eleventh session of the National People’s Congress at the fifth meeting and announced our country" the amendment to criminal procedure law " establishment of forcing the witness to appear in court, witness protection measures of improvement, the establishment of witness economic compensation system, give witness a garnishment exempt rights. The improvement of criminal witness system, improve the rate of appearance of witnesses is undoubtedly of great significance. But the amendment to the criminal procedural law of witness appearing in court to question some of the provisions are still the principle too, maneuverability is not strong wait for inadequacy. Therefore, there are still necessary in the amendment to the criminal procedural law basis, combined with the other countries under the rule of experience, from the legislative, judicial and social culture on three levels, the witness system for further study.
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