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Public Service Process Reengineering In E - Government Environment

Posted on:2014-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330434970319Subject:Public administration
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E-Government and Public Service Process Reengineering are hot subjects in the field of public administration currently. The platform of E-Government is the most important ’Booster’ in the process of our government transforming from control-oriented to service-oriented, while the core of it is process reengineering. This paper attempts to take the case of’Zhabei District Informatization Employment Service Mode’as the breakthrough point to conduct an in-depth research on the theory and method of public service process reengineering in the e-government environment.Firstly, the paper expatiates on the concepts of e-government and electronic public service; and through analyzing the latter one, it finds out that the present e-government platform in our country’s public service sector needs to be further enhanced. The paper then expatiates on the concepts of and relationship between public service and process reengineering, with the study focused on the concept and connotation, object and impact factors, as well as feasibility and method framework of public service process reengineering. Afterwards, the paper emphatically introduces Zhabei District’s public employment service process reengineering case named after ’Information Employment Service Mode’. It proves the applicability of S-A framework in public service process reengineering; specifically analyses ’Unemployment Insurance Process Reengineering’ case, which is one of the five core contents; and by giving examples, it illustrates the driving factors and restrictive factors in the course of process reengineering. Finally, the paper introduces the achievement Zhabei District has made in public employment service process reengineering, and the inspiration the author has gained in the whole work.
Keywords/Search Tags:public administration, E-Government, process reengineering, Informatization
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