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Research On The Construction Of China 's Government Service Center In The New

Posted on:2016-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330461979885Subject:Public administration
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Government affairs service center is an important carrier of the construction of the service type government, is also our country to explore the important innovation of the government by law construction. Government affairs service center in the transformation of government functions, promote openness in government affairs, improve the investment environment, strengthen the service consciousness, the convenience of the masses and the prevention of corruption has played a positive role. In this process, the theoretical research on the construction of administrative service center has also become a hot, many experts and scholars have carried out extensive and in-depth research, and achieved fruitful results. The results of this study with reference to the existing at home and abroad, the choice of Gaoling County of Shaanxi province government affairs service center as an example, in the new period of development of the construction of our government affairs service center is discussed.In this paper, taking the development and construction of China’s administrative service center as the research object, based on the new public management theory, new public service theory and the seamless government theory as the theoretical basis, using empirical analysis, literature induction methods, development and construction of our country’s Government Affairs Service Center are analyzed.The full text is divided into five chapters. The first chapter introduces the background and significance of topics, research status and research plan and framework, analyzes the domestic and abroad in recent years on the government affairs service center set up the purpose, theoretical basis, the challenges and difficulties and other research. The second chapter introduces the administrative service center and its basic theory, elaborated the government affairs service center survey, basic functions and our country government affairs service center development present situation, and the new public service theory, the new public management theory, theory of chink government affairs service center and other basic theory of interpretation. Analysis of problems and causes of construction of our country’s government affairs service center facing the third chapter introduces the development of society transformation period, points out and analyzes the legal status of administrative service center existence is not clear, compartmentalization management, authorization is not in place, weak supervision and e-government development is lagging behind other issues. The fourth chapter introduces the practice and Enlightenment of Gaoling County of Shaanxi province government affairs service center, analyzes the basic situation of Gaoling county administrative service center in the aspects of system construction, mode of operation and supervision management, personnel structure, summarizes the experience, the existing problems were pointed out. The fifth chapter introduces the social development period of change of Government Affairs Service Center Construction Countermeasures and suggestions, put forward a new period of the construction of China’s Government Affairs Service Center to clear the administrative service center’s main body status, regulating the management function, improve the efficiency of supervision, strengthening the construction of e-government initiatives.Hope that through the research on the government affairs service center construction and development in the new period of our country can provide valuable reference for the future construction and development around the administrative service center.
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