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Research On The Governance Of Rent - Seeking In China 's Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform

Posted on:2016-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330470453846Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative examination and approval system is a kind of benefit redistribution mechanism. From2002to2014National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, under the "release" and "drive tube" two wheels. The administrative examination and approval through progressive reforms in eight stages. The common characteristics of the reform the state council will cancel, adjust, delegate the administrative examination and approval matters; implementation will change;merging similar approval. Reformation promotes the development of social economy in a certain period of time but it caused the serious problem of rent-seeking.The examination and approval of rent seeking and its management plays an important role in the reform of the administrative examination and approval system. This paper is based on the rent-seeking governance research for examination and approval system reform in our country. To find out the cause of the problem and put forward the Countermeasures of feasibility. The main content of this paper includes four parts:First, through the literature at home and abroad on the comb to find the weak link. We find that to study the reform of the administrative examination and approval system based on the rent-seeking governance is less. If the rent-seeking is governed effective. It can reduce the corruption of power and deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system.Second, to grasp the concept and hypothesis of the theory of rent-seeking, after analysis the rent-seeking, found in between the three interests of the government and government officials, enterprise, individual subjectivity, impact strength as two structure compact type of interest group of government and enterprises in the approval process of rent-seeking large. Not only the leading cadres,staff approval get power rent-seeking and the local government also get power rent-seeking for horizontal and vertical. Enterprises interact with government frequent by rent-seeking in approving the application.Third, stand in the perspective of rent-seeking governance, by studying the rent-seeking governance reform of administrative examination and approval system in foreign countries, we can learn something useful for the policy part at the end of the article; by analyzing the results of administrative examination and approval system reform in our country, find the problems and the cause of the problem, we can aware of the dangers of rent-seeking.Fourth, this is the last part. According to the problem for examination and approval of rent-seeking, we should put forward countermeasures, which includes definition the government power boundary, Transformation of government functions, strengthen supervision and strengthen the construction of soft cultural, based on the rent governance to study administrative approval system reform of rent governance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rent-seeking, Governance, Reformation, Administrative examination andapproval
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