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Research On Control Algorithm Of Intelligent Laser Cutting Machine

Posted on:2012-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M RaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330335464213Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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At present, mechanical artificially positioning method is mostly used for workpiece positioning in the process of laser cutting machine, the automation degree of this positioning way is not high, location accuracy and machining efficiency are greatly influenced by human factors. In this paper, smart camera system is applied into laser cutting machine, using image processing algorithm, automatically recognize and position workpiece, generate cutting track, accomplish workpiece cutting by motion control system, all these form intelligent laser cutting machine.The system structure and scheme design of intelligent laser cutting machine are detailedly discussed at the beginning of this paper, hardware structure and software function of each subsystem are analyzed. In order to solve the problem of automatic recognition and positioning, dual-camera positioning method is proposed, global camera processes object recognition and coarse positioning, local camera processes fine positioning, improved circular projection matching algorithm and BLOB analysis algorithm are used to realize multi-target recognition and positioning, and algorithm transplantation on DSP platform is discussed. Describe the edge information of work piece by HPGL language, generate cutting track file with PLT format, cutting route optimization method is discussed. On the basis of positioning results, decode the cutting tracks into motion control instructions, control the machine to finish cutting task. The interpolation algorithm of open CNC system is designed, including interpolation speed planning and interpolation motion computing.A series of experiments are performed to test the method and system in this paper. Image matching algorithm experiment proves the improved matching algorithm has high accuracy and fast speed; target recognition and positioning experiment proves the system has high positioning accuracy and good stability; target cutting experiment proves that the system functions have reached the design requirements, this system has a good application prospect.
Keywords/Search Tags:intelligent laser cutting machine, smart camera, circular projection matching, HPGL, motion control
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