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The Research On Home Gateway And Bluetooth Audio Transmission Technology

Posted on:2007-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182960908Subject:Communication and Information System
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With improvement of living quality, Digital Appliance and IA (Information Appliance) in living unit is booming, information exchange among these information electric appliances is also more and more. So the need for building Intelligent Home Network, in which information electric appliances communication with each other and share resources, the whole home network connect public network, is booming day by day.Firstly this paper deeply analyzes the present condition of Intelligent Home Network, and discusses the objective implementation of the Home Gateway, designs and accomplishes a victorious Home Gateway. This Home Gateway which communication with the IA in living unit, connect with PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and Internet, make the inside network and outside network of home share resources, provide the users with remote query and control function for the IA through PSTN and Internet. The auto alarm for appliance accident and security to customer is also achieved.The Home Gateway needs the implementation of network communication based on TCP/IP protocol and the operation of server program based on Internet. Moreover the Home Gateway is center of Intelligent Home Network, need the multitask operation ability. So Micro Controller Unit AT91RM9200 is used for hardcore of the gateway system with embedded Linux Operating System, the complete network communication interfaces. Currently Home Gateway usually use recorder chips for affording voice service, but this way is not flexible enough for many different kinds and different functions of IA. So this paper used the TTS (Text To Speech) technology in the Home Gateway and the experimental result is better. This embedded system work well. After debug, this embedded Home Gateway work well and accomplishes the intending functions.In the embedded Home Gateway with running Operating System Linux, the application program control the hardware through driver program. In the implementation of driver program of Home Gateway, the hardware trigger information is sent round to application program through Real-time signal. And this way brings on efficiency and flexibility of the driver program.Speech transmission should also be considered in Intelligent Home Network. With the analysis of Bluetooth Profile for the speech transmission, the speech transmission in Intelligent Home Network is studied. The solution for speech transmission conformed to theBluetooth Profile in Intelligent Home Network, in which the Linux Bluetooth stack driver was used.
Keywords/Search Tags:Home Gateway, Hardware Implementation, Remote Control, Bluetooth, Audio Transmission
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