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The System Model And Experimental Research Of Three-Staged Electromagnetic Propulsion

Posted on:2007-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ChaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185489395Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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It is a long-time dream for scientists to produce a kind of high-speed gun, which need no gunpowder and would not bore prematurely. Most of the propulsion used currently, such as artillery, rockets, etc. belong to the chemical launcher, which cannot meet the human higher requirements for capability of launch (ultra-high-speed, high kinetic energy) with the scientific and technological progress. Taking the conventional artillery as an example: the muzzle velocity of shells are subjected to various inherent factor constraints, so its projectile has a theoretical limit muzzle velocity. On this background, a new generation of ultra-high-speed electromagnetic propulsion technology, that is, electromagnetic propulsion technology came into use. With electric energy as the energy source, electromagnetic launcher is much cheaper to use than rocket propellant using gunpowder. Besides, its maneuverability, adjustability and security are much better than that of chemical launchers. Therefore, it is of great significance in the military, as well as an extremely broad application prospects for civilian and industrial areas.In this paper, the basic principle of coaxial coil electromagnetic propulsion technology is introduced at first, and then, based on this principle and Kirchhoff Law, the mathematical model of the electromagnetic launcher model was established. Then the muzzle velocity was obtained by solving the system equation. The MCU-controlling electromagnetic launcher model of 3 stages for experiment is designed, the controlling program is programmed and a great number of experiments are done for this paper. The result of the experiment shows that the experiment model performances preferably and theory data, for...
Keywords/Search Tags:Electromagnetic Propulsion, MCU, System Equation
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