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Research Of Key Techniques For Industrial Protocol Conversion Gateway

Posted on:2008-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242967315Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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The development of computer and network technology brings the profound technique evolution in the field of control. Networking and opening will become the main trend of construction of control system. Ethernet for industry as a new, uniform and fast developing standard, has been used widely in resource manage layer, executing layer and manufacture layer of industry corporation integrative automatization. And it also trends to extend to the area of industry fieldwork control. The field-bus' actuality of multi-standard coexisting causes problems of the compatibility of product devices. It is also one of the problems that people must deal with immediately. So, Ethernet for industry fieldwork control will become a hotspot of the industry control.The standard of Ethernet for industry has not been established .The existing fieldbus standards will still lead the market. Embedded gateway is the key point in the integration of fieldbus and Ethernet.This paper discusses designing and realization of an embedded industry protocol convert gateway based on Linux. It can carry out the conversion among Modbus/TCP protocol, Modbus protocol and CAN protocol.Firstly, the paper introduces actuality of field-bus's and Ethernet's. It also tells something about founding criterion of Ethernet for industry in the world.Secondly, the paper introduces a protocol conversion gateway model and the overall design of system architecture. In the next three chapters, the hardware and software implementation of the gateway is introduced, including some circuit design, detail hardware drivers design, related protocol used in the paper, protocol models design, embedded WEB server design , system configuration and process upgrades online. In chapter seven, dual fault-tolerance technology is discussed, for the reliability.In the end, the paper summarizes the subject, pointing out that the follow-up work need to be enhanced and improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethernet, Fieldbus, Protocol Conversion, Linux
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