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Research Of The Multimedia Interlocking Simulation System

Posted on:2008-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242972286Subject:Computer application technology
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Railroad Decentralized Autonomous CTC System is a highly intellectualized automatic Control System which combines together dispatch intelligent decision, real-time remote control, fail-safety and information security technology, adopts intelligent decentralized autonomous control principle, It centers on train operation adjustment and gives consideration to train shunting. To insure its smooth running, the accuracy of interlock control instruction of autonomous controller has to be tested, so that each instruction of autonomous controller accords with interlocking logic, and controls station equipments with accuracy. Hence, simulation environment of the Decentralized Autonomous CTC System has to be developed. The multimedia interlocking simulation system as an important part of which is mainly used in the simulation of interlocking connection between switch, track and signal in railroad station, control instruction processing, accuracy test of interlocking control instruction and displaying the interlocking relationship in a multimedia way.This paper briefly describes the basic concepts and characteristics of the main signal equipments, namely switch, track circuit and signal, introduces the functions of these three parts in the interlocking system, explores the multimedia expression of interlocking logic, brings forwards the principles of multimedia interlocking simulation based on the station graphics under the condition of human interferences, sets up the multimedia object model and the multimedia interlocking simulation model, elaborates the human-computer interaction when solving incidents. Puts forward the overall structure and function of the multimedia interlocking simulation system, provides the analysis and design of the interlocking arithmetic module,multimedia interlocking display module,and incident setting module. And provides the realization of interlocking arithmetic of train routes arrange, routes canceling, switch operation, unlocked routes by hand,section failure release and leading, as well as the realization of interlocking graphics animation setting and incident setting.This text takes the example of the accuracy testing of the autonomous controller interlocking control instruction in the QILIYING Station to illustrate the testing method of the conventional interlocking control instructions and special control instructions. This method is able to discover the shortcomings of the autonomous controller as well as the errors in the interlocking table. It is proved that testing autonomous controller interlocking control instruction with multimedia interlocking simulating system is accord with the characteristic of the railroadin our country and operates well.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multimedia, Interlocking, Simulate, Railroad Signal
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