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Research Of Simulation System For Temperature Measurement Module Based On Bus Architecture

Posted on:2009-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245955010Subject:Communication and Information System
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After entering 21 century, the temperature measurement need remote supervise, intelligent analysis and multi-center temperature collecting, also requires more fast and more accurate data transmission. These play an important role in guaranteeing heat treatment handicraft stability and the product quality reproducibility and improving produce efficiency. The temperature measurement system makes use of bus to connect every temperature measurement module and PC, which based on field-bus technology. The system has fundamental temperature measurement function not only, and can carry out the analysis of temperature data.In practice works, the company that produces temperature measurement modules has to check the module's performance to guarantee the product quality because of the batch production of these modules. The purpose of this paper is that designing temperature measurement module for the factory which produces the CAN-bus temperature measurement module, and simulating the temperature signal to evaluate this module. The mainly research contents of this paper are as follows:Firstly, we introduce the CAN-bus technology in brief and propose our designing strategy based on analyzing the research actuality of CAN-bus and temperature measurement technology in our country and foreign countries.Secondly, this paper designs one kind of precise CAN-bus temperature measurement modules on the basis of CAN-bus technology, designing the main hardware circuit, and analyzing the precision of temperature measurement. We construct a reference source module to simulate the temperature field on the same bus. The temperature measurement module and the reference source module which connected by PIC single-chip SPI interface and CAN communication module construct the child node in the CAN network.At the meantime, this paper illustrates the software flow of temperature measurement, and makes use of least square method to carry out linearization treatment on thermoelectric power and the temperature, carrying out subsection polynomial fitting on characteristic curve. It also designs the software program flow of sending and receiving data in CAN interface, and adopts feasible user layer communication protocol.Finally, we control the main node by the host PC, and build the network and finish the data transmission between each child node. Then we analyze and manage the data on the host PC, evaluating the temperature measurement module.
Keywords/Search Tags:Thermo-couple, Temperature Measurement, Reference Signal Source, Least Square Method
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