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Research On Single Longitudinal Mode Laser Of Active Frequency Stabilization Control System

Posted on:2008-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245996797Subject:Physical Electronics
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Laser has many good characteristics such as monochromaticity and coherence. Therefore, it is widely used in accurate measurement, optical communication, optical frequency scale, and high-resolution spectroscopy. Affected by its surroundings, the laser frequency is usually a fluctuating signal as a variable of time. To stabilize the frequency, technology of frequency stabilization is needed. When the passive frequency stabilization we use, such as constant temperature, quakeproof, airproof and sound insulation, can not satisfy the demand of the system, the active frequency stabilization is required. The controlling system of active frequency stabilization gets the frequency deviation from the frequecy discrimination system and adjusts the length of resonant cavity to make the frequency revert to the standard frequency, so we can achieve stabilization of frequency.In this paper, basic principles and technology of frequency stabilization have been generalized. Two plans on how to stabilize frequency have been introduced. The method of using passively stabilized frequecy discrimination system to stabilize the frequency has been chosen. PID controlling algorithm has been introduced and the influence of PID parameters on the system has been analyzed. On the base of that, the plan of frequency stabilization has been designed. The equipment of frequency stabilization has been chosen and workflow has been comfirmed. Then the controlling system has been theoretically analyzed and simulated with SIMULINK.With VC++ 6.0 IDE, a software has been developed,whose fuctions include displacement control, data acquisition, operation of open loop scanning and operation of closed loop frequency stabilization. PID controlling algorithm is applied and controlling algorithm of closed loop is designed in the software. After having been debugged,the software can run reliably.In the experiment, a single longitudinal mode laser and a Confocal Fabray-Perot cavity, which are both used for frequency stabilization, have been set up and configurated. The testing of the single longitudinal mode output of the laser has been completed using the F-P cavity.The laser beam penetrating the CFP is observed. System of active frequency stabilization has been built up and configurated. Elementary experiment research of control system has been finished.
Keywords/Search Tags:YAG laser, single longitudinal mode, active frequency stabilization, piezoelectric ceramics
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