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The Momentum Mechanism And The Choice Of Model Of Ping Ling City's Urbanization

Posted on:2006-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2179360155451879Subject:Regional economy
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To study the problems of urbanization development of typical regions has become an important subject in the aspect of academic study of urbanization in china because there is significant difference in different regions. The region that this paper to study is pingliang city, a eastern city of Gansu province, which covers 11169.7 square km areas including one district, six counties and twenty-six towns. The paper has focused on studying and analyzing regional foundation and present situation of pingliang city's urbanization, the structure of urban system, the momentum mechanism and strategic program of the development of pingliang's urbanization. The investigation shows that the regional foundation and features of most underdeveloped areas represented by pingliang city is: the location conditions of urbanization is poor, lack of big city' s drive around them, nature and traffic condition is backward, there is weak momentum to propel the development of urbanization between towns, soil resource is deficient, but mineral resource is relatively rich, the cities and towns' enterprises are scattered among natural villages, people's migration toward cities and towns, who have realized a occupation' transition from agriculture to other fields, is quite slow, industrialization falls behind economic development, the structure of urban system takes on typical characters of primacy distributions, the structure of scales of cities and towns is incomplete and the structure of functions of them is multidimensional. In this paper, the index system is established to measure the level of urbanization of Pingliang city. Based on the index system and statistic data, with the aid of SPSS and by the multidimensional principal components analysis, the integrative principal component scores of population, economy, live and space urbanization of 32 small towns was acquired. The sketchy rank of the integrative urbanization level of 32 small towns is acquired accordingly. A conclusion is drawn that the central city's urbanization development of pingliang has come into the stage of rapid development and the development conditions of urbanization of counties is relatively better than towns, of which the level of urbanization is quite low indeed. Since there are different advantages in the aspects of location, industries, resources, economy, innovatory ability of different cities or towns, in the primary stage, the process of the development of urbanization is sure to comeinto a process ------ a process of both people and industries' assembly toward cities andtowns where the development conditions of urbanization is superior to other cities andtowns-----and the spread stage of urbanization may start until the process of urbanizationenters a certain period and a higher level of urbanization is achieved. As the stage of pingliang' urbanization development is still in primary stage, urbanization development should not violate the general rules of urbanization development and accelerating both people and industries' assembly toward cities and towns is a necessary process. Then, this paper conducts an analysis on what are the main factors that promote or limit people and industries' assembly toward cities and towns. After making an correlation analysis and establishing a regression model by adopting twenty-two years' data from 1978 to 2000, the study shows that, over 22 years, the development of pingliang's urbanization has been impelled principally by the growth of economy and restricted by its undeveloped market. Therefore, to promote these areas to establish and cultivate their markets and perfect them accordingly is of the most important step to promote the development of urbanization of these areas. To accelerate the upgrade of industries, to quicken the development and assembly of village and towns' enterprises , to speed up the institutional renovation of the local government and to get rid of the bondage of the backward tradition and culture will produce powerful momentums to the development of urbanization of pingliang. There are three rules we have obeied in choosing a correct way to promote the growth of pingliang city' urbanization: following the general laws of urbanization development, adapting to the needs of regional current situation and conforming to the market principles. By obeying these three rules and careful analysis,pingliang city' urbanization should choose a development mode of urbanization of a connection of urbanization from above (UFA) and urbanization from below (UFB). The strategic program of pingliang' urbanization is , firstly, to increase the economic wealth and enhance the functions of the central city, next, in the county level ,to strengthen the six counties' function as the economic centers of county region and thereby to set up six strategic backbones of pingliang' urban system, finally, to highlight a prior development of towns which have an advantage of urbanization development. The last part of this paper has put forward some suggestions on agricultural industry, sustained development, and so on since the process of underdeveloped region's urbanization has intimately related to them. The innovation point of this paper is that the author has proved and illustrated the characteristics and problems of pingliang city's urbanization by repeating using mathematical methods such as components analysis, integrative principal component, correlation analysis.
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