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Study On The Small And Middling Enterprises' Supply Chain Partnership

Posted on:2006-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360155476777Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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With the development of the supply chain management (SCM), the managers and studier noticed it more and more. As we know, now is the time of global economy, speedy economy and knowledge economy, it is important strategy that the small middle enterprises take part into the supply chain and build the supply chain partnership (SCP).Undoubtedly, facing the new competitive environment and the shortage of them, SME should jump out of the tradition model and take part into the supply chain (SC) for using the outside sources rationally and effectively. The important thought of SCM is building the SCP. So the development of SME will be based on the SCP. An unqualified partner will threaten the whole supply chain's survive or perish. So we must deal with the relation between competition and the partnership in right way so that we can realize the benefit of the SCP. Based on all above, it is necessary to SME that they grow up under the competitive environment of supply chain and adopt to the tendency of automate, informative and data.As to SME, they can't use the especially e-commercial system for the restriction of themselves'. How can we choose the most favorite way of e-commercial to build the partnership? Nowadays the SME should settle the problem.The thesis will focus on the following question: facing the global economy, speedy economy and knowledge economy, what's the defect of traditional management model? Why the SME should develop the partnership sourcing? And how to choose a favorite way, and so on.The thesis will introduce the concept, characteristic and classify at first. Then we'll discuss the necessary of SCP which the SME build , after analyze the change of competitive atmosphere, the shortage of the traditional management model and the demand of integrate source, the thesis put forward that SME should build the SCP. The third part discusses the building of the SCP based on e-commercial. Then this thesis' forth part will discuss how to manage the partnership effectively. For making it easy to understand, in the fifth part of this thesis there is a typal manufactory as an example, we'll discuss the whole process of developing the partnership by using e-commercial and we'll establish the effect. Finally we have a summary based on the whole thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply chain, Partnership, E-commercial, Information integrating
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