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The Hydrocarbon Accumulation Rules And Favorable Area Prediction Of Chang4+5, Yanchang Formation, Yanggelao,Ordos Basin

Posted on:2015-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2180330431972636Subject:Geological Engineering
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Yang Ge waterlogging area to extend new blocks of yanchang oil field. Now time block geological understanding is less, low degree of prospecting and production of test data is less, but it can be seen through the study of existing block chang4+5oil has good oil and gas shows. Nearly a century, the exploration in ordos basin, many scholars and researchers to basin Mesozoic tectonic environment, sedimentary facies and reservoir characteristics of the micro and macro distribution distribution has a lot of research work has been done to study the development process. A period of time, around the delta and the northeast-southwest of fan delta, it represents the region development shallow or large freshwater lakes. Coupled with the major period of development, delta plain distributary channel and delta front underwater distributary channel sand body widely development provides the formation of hydrocarbon reservoirs with good reservoir and caprock, formed various types of reservoir. Hope that through the oil and gas enrichment regularity in the studied area, and predict areas favorable for research on Yang Ge pu exploration area of exploration success rate as well as the development and deployment of help in the future. This paper employs core, well logging, mud logging, testing, production test materials before joint research materials for Yang Ge waterlogging area, structure, sedimentary facies and reservoir distribution features of the hydrocarbon source rocks, such as research. According to the results of the data analysis of reservoir types in the region as well as oil and gas enrichment regularity, finally determine the position of better development blocks in this region.The shale is mainly composed of the changs beach, K4, long cycle characteristics, K5, K6logo layer to determine, at the same time, combined with4+5long thin neck section of the calibration accuracy chang4+5oil in vertical position, again by the high resistance development in the study area with thin layer, escape the bay conglomerate layer for auxiliary, such as mark in combination with long period of4+5sedimentary facies changes caused by sand mudstone, combined with the electrical characteristics of chang4+5to the oil division; Final selection root zone of the existing data in the research of the obvious features of stratified well well as a skeleton, standard, establish the well profile, strata close to the whole region, the preparation of chang4+5top structure maps validation results. In the stratigraphic division and correlation, then according to the previous data in the ordos basin sedimentary facies, reservoir, etc, is mainly composed of drilling, logging, testing and logging data, analyzed the local district4+5sedimentary facies, micro structure, reservoir characteristics. Delta plain and the region deposition mainly in chang4+5oil, chang4+52and oil as the main oil producing period, including4+5long period of development in distributary channel and swamp deposits, is based on the flood channel and flood plain deposits under4+5long period; Chang4+5oil rock type is mainly feldspar sandstone, the porosity of the sample average is11.9%, the main distribution between10%~10%, the sample average permeability is1.282MD, mainly distributed in between0.1~10MD, resistivity in10~60more Q M, most of water saturation between30~60%, the average is44.87%. Through experience statistics can be chang4+5oil reservoir porosity lower limit is8%, belong to the better reservoir physical property is low hole-extra low permeability reservoir.On this basis, summarizes the main types of reservoir and discuss the reason of the master of hydrocarbon accumulation in this region. Yang Ge waterlogging region sedimentary microfacies, source rocks, tectonic uplift controls the chang4+5reservoir formation, the sandstone updip pinchout reservoir and structural reservoir lithologic reservoirs as the main type of development. Above this more clear about the oil and gas gathering and sedimentary microfacies, source rocks and tectonic characteristics, catch-all category for oil and gas enrichment regularity and accumulation of oil and gas migration modes are put forward. Main information for the regional sedimentary microfacies distribution and structure development, test and production data, reservoir thickness, oil and water layer interpretation conclusions.To extend leader4+5oil group main oil-bearing interval of comprehensive evaluation and favorable area prediction mainly refer to preservation condition, hydrocarbon source rock characteristics and existing distribution factors such as drilling bits, the evaluation shows that the study area in the north of northwest of wellblock,4121-4118,4178-4171wellblock is Ⅰ favorable exploration zone; The study area in southwest4251wellblock is Ⅱ favorable exploration zone in the east.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordos Basin, Yanggelao area, Chang4+5oil group, favorable areaprediction
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