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Lithology Electrical Property, Physical Property And Oil-bearing Property Relationship Of Chang 6 Member Reservoir In Shajiagou Area, East Of Shan Bei Slope.

Posted on:2016-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2180330461953360Subject:Geological Engineering
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The article starts with geological characteristic uses core logging well logging and testing data to thoroughly research the lithology,electrical property,physical property and oil-bearing property of the reservoir for Chang 6 Member Reservior in Shajiagou Area and point at its low porosity and law permeability of the geological charateristies. The lithology of Chang 6 Member Reservior mainly is gray fine-grained feldspar has high spontaneous potertial neqative anomaly-natural gamma ray value between 60 to 10 OAPI.the average value of sonic is 225(is/m,microelectrode has great difference.The resistivity of oil reservoir greater than 30 n.m.The reservoir have relatively good porosity and permeabilityjts spontaneous potential core reflect obvious neqative anomaly range and high acoustic travel time value The acoustic travel time value of oil reservoir in the study area is generally 220 to 230jis/m,most of the oil reservoir acoustic traveltime value generally is 215 to 230jas/m.The first production in Chang 6 Member reservoir is all watenmotsture content is 30%~70% the resistrvity of oil reservoir has a large range.deep and shallow detection range difference is smallthe deep induction resistivity of oil reservoir is low?deepand shallow resistivity detection range difference is big. Integrate Chang 6 Member reservoir physical property and electrical characteristic,establish the low limit of index of effective thickness in the study area:above fire sandstone lithologic,oil level of oil immersion and above the permeability is greater than or equal to 0.2x10"3(im2,acoustic travel time value is greater than or equal to 220|is/m,resistivity is great than or equal to 40 Q ? m,arid the water saturation is less than or equal to 58%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Area Of Shajiagou, Middle Paleozoic, Yanchang Formation, 4-Property Relationship
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