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The Investigation Of Geochemical Features About Magmatic Rocks In Relation With Molybdenum In Cai Huagou,xinjiang

Posted on:2016-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330476950307Subject:Mineralogy, petrology, ore deposits
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The Tianshan plate is is located in the tianshan mountains,in previous research,the most people think The Tianshan plate is a micro continental between Junggar plate and tarim plate.The continental general in a western relatively wide, slightly to the east gradually narrow wedge,Through Kumishi, east gradually thin out.Under the plate interaction, since late Paleozoic belt, south tianshan ocean basin began to dive beneath the tianshan block in the north, in the southern margin of tianshan mountains in the form of a series of related to subduction of a collision of basic and ultrabasic- neutral- acidic volcanic and intrusive rocks, and affected the region since late Paleozoic with output of different types of ore deposits. Colour China gully molybdenum is originated in the southern tianshan micro continents NWW to granite belt.Before the article writing,I have collected the previous data and has carried on the detailed field geological work,based on regional geological setting, tectonic evolution and the geochemical characteristics of magmatic rocks of the molybdenum in Tuokexun of Xinjiang,Detailed study of the Caihuagou molybdenum ore deposit geological characteristics, geological characteristics of ore bodies, geochemical features of magmatic rocks, and summarizes the preliminary deposit metallogenic model, finally combining with regional geological background, geological structure and regional geological evolution rule and porphyry molybdenum metallogenic conditions and rules of analysis, qomi in molybdenum mineralization vision to make inferences.Sinces late Paleozoic belt,Kumishi has experienced the back-arc spreading-subduction and collision- tension late return four periods of geological movement.Constitute a completely Wilson cycle, formed by the late by strike-slip tectonic pull-apart basin.South tianshan ocean basin subduction northward oblique inserted below the tianshan mountain massif in the collisions with the phases for the main activities of all kinds of magmatic rocks in this area,Is also the main metallogenic stage in this area,Plate subduction collision and magmatic rocks in the secondary transpiration control TongQianXin polymetallic deposit in the area, the formation of tungsten and molybdenum deposits.The Mica monzonitic granite porphyry has a close relationship with the molybdenum mineralization,Chen chao used zircon U- Pb method is used to obtain its invasion age of 298 and 3.2 Ma, belongs to late carboniferous epoch when he researched the Zhongbao tungsten.Geochemical characteristics indicate that zhong bao mica monzonitic granite porphyry has medium- high differentiation evolution degree of high potassium calc-alkaline peraluminous granite, formed in the collision with the environment of the crust source remelting S type granite, source rock for transit piedmont Cambrian base. After molybdenum elements in rock mass mainly comes from molten magma and the secondary transpiration fluid extraction of surrounding rock.Field observation and indoor study, the Caihuagou molybdenum deposit is porphyry molybdenum deposit, accompanied by greisenization, pyritization, silicification and potassium. Molybdenum from granite porphyry, occurence in eastern qomi assorted anticline pour FuDuan deep granite porphyry, anticline and secondary small fold flanks form many turn end, adjacent strata relative sliding the fold of the hub and wing section often cambium-like, layered, saddle stripping empty, is advantageous to the rock mass into the surrounding rock of skarn. This is the upper formation reasons of skarn type tungsten deposit. Formation in the south flank of the anticline and NE to fracture failure which provide the channel for the magma intrusion and into space, the late nearly SN to fracture structure is the late transformation of ore body more, because of the Caihuagou molybdenum deposit buried deep ditch and carry out the geological work is limited,Whether the deposit receipt of the above geological conditions is unclear.Ore mineral composition and structure: the main ore mineral in the ore is molybdenite, pyrite and chalcopyrite, a small amount of galena, pyrrhotite, iron ore, scheelite and malachite. The gangue minerals are mainly biotite, white mica, quartz, plagioclase, potash feldspar, sodium feldspar, etc. Rock structure is mainly for the porphyritic, porphyritic structure, block structure.The order of Mineralization can be divided into potassium feldspar- oxide-sulfide stage, greisen- sulfide,propylite- oxide phase. The potash feldspar- oxide-sulfide stage and greisen- sulfide stage as the main metallogenic stage.
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