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Applying Study On Seismic &geology Comprehensive Reservoir Prediction In Bei Xiaohu Area Of San Tanghu Basin

Posted on:2014-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S W QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330482478982Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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On the basis of drilling, geological, seismic, logging, oil testing and trial mining information in the study area, guided by the understanding and researching of regional geological law, the paper researches Mesozoic tectonic features,sedimentary facies and depositional systems mainly. Combined with seismic impedance inversion and porosity inversion which are reservoir prediction methods, the study finds out the types of traps, oil and gas accumulation mode and controlling reservoir elements. According to the above understanding, the reservoir can be synthetically evaluated and the aim area can be ascertained optimal.Theory and analysis methods rely on a variety of disciplines of structural geology,reservoir sedimentology, petroleum geology and geophysics. Combined with drilling,logging and analysis data and on the basis of the fine structure interpretation of 3D seismic sequence boundaries, the study predicts the distribution of sedimentary facies and sand body thickness variation, and confirms that this area mainly develop braided river delta- lacustrine depositional system, and reservoir develop microfacies of submerged distributary channel and distal bar which are part of Front subfacies. The source material mainly comes from the northwestern mountains.After the study of sedimentary facies and its analysis, many oater seismic technology such as attribute analysis, wave impedance inversion, porosity inversion are also used on reservoir prediction. RMS amplitude attribute can better predict distribution of reservoir sandstone; the responses of electrical measurement curve show that the reservoir lithology has a good correlation with GR curve, it is clear in distinguishing mudstone, siltstone and fine sandstone, medium sandstone, however,other well logs such as SP curve, the R curve can not work. Consequently, The ANN for natural gamma inversion is used to reservoir inversion for the main reservoir Badaowan Ⅰ sand group, and with porosity inversion method subsequent, the effective reservoir is ascertained.The study finds out 2 favorable area, and the total area is 83km2. On this basis, 2 favorable drilling targets are determined, and 2 appraisal wells are submitted at the same time. Reservoir research combined seismic with geologic has highprecision, and is in line with the laws of geological deposition, so that it can better guide the production practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Structural Interpretation, Sedimentary Facies Research, Impedance Inversion, Porosity inversion, Reservoir Assessment
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