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The Seismic Reservoir Study Of Tight Oil Of Es4 In DaMintun Area In LiaoHe Oilfield

Posted on:2017-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J YingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330488960412Subject:Geological engineering
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Tight oil as one of the unconventional oil and gas resources has a universal distribution and great resources potentialities. In recent years, The exploration of tight oil has been widely noted and much accounted with the technical breakthrough of the volume fracturing reconstruction technology of horizontal well.Da Mintun area is rich of oil and gas resources and it is a typical “small but rich” secondary depression in LiaoHe depression. The exploration of Da Mintun area has scored great successes.The main exploration targets are Paleogene sand stone oil&gas reservoirs and buried hill oil and gas reservoirs of Archaeozoic and Mesozoic over the years. However, Es4 oil shale of Paleogene is the chief hydrocarbon source rocks.With the domestic and international deep exploration of tight oil and the gradually improve of prospecting of the study area. The Es4 oil shale has already not only been studyed as source rocks but also reservoirs. By means of detailed comparison and analysis with foreign exploratory area, the Es4 of the study area is suit for tight oil formation and it has a certain petroleum exploration potential.This project combined seismic elastic information with rock & mineral analysis and well logging data tightly by taking advantages of seismic prediction methods and rock physics because of the differences between tight oil reservoirs and regular oil reservoirs. All kinds of reservoirs in the study area has been analyzed by taking full use of prestack inversion、post-stack inversion、fracture prediction、seismic attributes and combination of subjects including well logging and oil reservoir.In purpose of the further exploration, the regularity of tight oil reservoir、 sweet points distribution and oil-gas possibility have been predicted.A series of geophysics technology suit for Liao Hen oilfield geology characters has been formed, providing technology guarantees for securing more reserves.
Keywords/Search Tags:Es4 of DaMintun area, oil shale, tight oil, rock geophysical model, fragility, physical property, oil-gas possibility
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