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Research On DEA-based Methods Of Information Technology On Performance Evaluation Of Listed Companies

Posted on:2011-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330332457661Subject:Business management
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The information industry as a sunrise industry in the 21st century, has continued innovation and vitality and broad market prospects, not only has become a new economic growth point, and the contribution of China's GDP will continue to increase. Information Technology Listed companies as industry pacesetter, with relatively strong compared with other enterprises of the capital and technical strength. The quality of its operating performance is subject to various social concerns, and how they make a correct analysis and evaluation of the study are also in hot and difficult problems.In this paper, the operational research for the evaluation of multiple input multiple output system, data envelopment analysis method,listed on China's information technology, the company's performance is evaluated.In this paper, the specific course of the study, select the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange a total of 38 information technology categories listed company as a research sample, using 2008 data on the financial report was constructed from the seven inputs and four outputs consisting of evaluation index system the application DEA methods BC~2 model analysis of operations, and based on the results of the 38 sample companies in the technical validity, the validity of the scale, scope and objectives of improving the return phase of analysis. Through analysis, obtained 38 samples of the relative level of performance of listed companies, of which there are 15 units for effective decision-making, while 23 were relatively ineffective. And the analysis concluded that China's current information technology class level of overall performance of listed companies, although better, but there is a polarization phenomenon, the level of technical efficiency and scale efficiency levels, and both more desirable, for the utilization of intangible assets is relatively insufficient, should be reasonable and effective control of operating costs and management costs and increase net profit margin, and strive to enhance the short-term solvency, etc., and for typical companies have some made suggestions for improvements. Finally, combining the results of this analysis and future information technology industry development trend of information technology in China Listed Company's development has made a few suggestions. Results of the study reflects the company's overall information technology categories listed in the overall efficiency, economies of scale and other aspects,,At the same time to inspire the company managers thought. In addition, the results of the investors to choose investment targets have certain reference value.
Keywords/Search Tags:informational technology, DEA, listed companies, performance evaluation
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