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Fiscal And Taxation Policy Options To Adjust Our Personal Income Distribution Gap

Posted on:2012-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189330332491746Subject:Political economy
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China's economy experienced 30 years of rapid development since the reform and opening up in1978,,and has made remarkable achievement, people's living standards have improved. However, the income gap is widening gradually , because of the economic structure, the economic system and the policy .Income gap in different areas and industries has become wider and wider,and other problems in the field of income distribution increasingly prominent, all of this effects on our country's economic development. Therefore, reform of the income distribution, narrowing the income distribution gap will be the future of China's economic developing an unavoidable problem which should be urgently solved.Hunan province as an important provinces in central China which economics develops rapidly , at the same time, existing many problems in the distribution of income. This paper uses Hunan province as an example to make the empirical analysis.First, gain large amounts of data, and on the basis of income gap between urban and rural area of hunan regional income disparity and industry, the income gap between a comparison of full system analysis and evaluation.Second, further discusses the reasons of hunan province income gap, including: first, the unbalanced development of region strategy makes regional income gap; Second, "dual economy" system and urban and rural isolation of the household registration system is in urban and rural income distribution disparity caused historical reasons; Third, take the market as the dominant first distribution is not standard, the government-led quadratic assignment system is not perfected income distribution gap is causing the deep reason.Third, hunan residents in income distribution gap, and reference for reasons of the formation of the United States, Britain and Japan and other developed countries in narrowing the income distribution gap between aspects of the financial experience of hunan province, it is concluded that the narrowing the income gap of residents fiscal countermeasures. So as to realize economic rapid in hunan province under the condition of the development of income distribution gap narrowing provides an effective means.
Keywords/Search Tags:Income distribution gap, Evaluation, The causes, Fiscal
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