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Research On The Risk Management Of Commercial Banks

Posted on:2011-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Commercial banks whose core competence is the risk management are the businesses of operational risks. After five years'transition, the banks in our country are official fully opened in 11th December2006. Then more and more foreign banks enter into the Chinese market. However, our commercial banks have also accelerated the pace of going out. Facing the increase competition, the key of winning becomes the level of risk management of our commercial banks.As the commercial banks speed up the pace of reform in china, the main ones have instituted a stockholding system, and developed the risk management models, and incorporated risk management department, and so on, which improve the capability of risk management to some degree. While, owning to the restriction of external environments and internal banks, there are many problems of risk management existed in commercial banks, including backward in risk management techniques, imperfect in management organizations, and incomplete disclosure.After years'development, the foreign commercial banks has established a fairly good overall risk management system. However, the economic crisis in 2007 has a great impact on the risk management of commercial banks once again. So the international financial organizations, which has been models of domestic commercial banks, are in huge loss or bankruptcy. This has taken a toll on the risk management of commercial banks in our country. For our commercial banks, they should draw on the experience of the foreign ones and draw a lesson from this economic crisis. Only through these, we can truly improve our risk management capabilities.This article includes six chapters. Chapter one mainly introduces the research background and significance of this article, and the situation of study in and abroad, and the innovation of this study. Chapter two defines the risk management and gives its main contents. Chapter three analyzes the risk profile that the commercial banks faced in our country and the main problems existed in risk management. Chapter four gives the reasons why our commercial banks lag behind. Chapter five brings some experience of risk management from foreign commercial banks, and discusses the impact of economic crisis on risk management. Chapter six puts some measures for the risk management of our commercial banks at the basis of drawing the experience from that of foreign commercial banks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial Banks, Risk Management, Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Enterprise-wide Risk Management System
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