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Research On Channel Conflict Of Shandong Tianlong Automobile Trade Limited Company

Posted on:2008-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360212494204Subject:Business Administration
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In a changing and competitive global economy environment, distribution channel has become an increasing important factor to manufacturers of external resources, because it is difficult to be emulated by competitors, and an important factor of the enterprise's core competitiveness. However, the establishment and management of distribution channels is a very complicated process. In this process, there are inevitable interest conflicts between members, resulting in channel fluctuations, affecting the role, reducing to operate performance. Therefore, how to regulate and guide the channel conflict to ensure the stable development of channel and improve the competitive has become issue to many manufacturers.In this article, take Shandong Tianlong automobile trade Limited company ( Tian long for short) for example, make use of the distribution channels theory in order to study and analyze the status and cause of channel conflict. The business management ideas and practical channel conflict according with Tian Long company is designed based on the basis of a thorough analysis of the international and domestic management experience. Following the principle of learning, the article study and explore on theory-to -reality basis, adopt theoretical study and other methods.As other large commercial companies, Tian long has the same through analysis with the normal operation of its market network. The channel conflict is also exist inevitably. If channel conflicts are dealt improperly, the enthusiasm and initiative of channel members will be reduced, and the channel resources will be waste, make channel operation ineffective, bring about some difficult to the members and the completion of target, and produce some positive and negative influence.The causes of the channel conflict of Tianlong company are analyzed in the paper, which includes option of dealers, incentive improper, difference of role, goal incompatible, and power dependence channel reform and other factors. In view of the company's channel conflict, effective measures should be taken before things get worse so that all channel members have the common on the coordination of distribution of benefit to alleviate channel conflict. Meanwhile, this paper provides a key measure of solving channel conflict. Five aspects work, from the performance evaluation, incentive members of the channel, control of channel to the relationship management are carried out. These measures will benefit prevention appropriately and reduce channel conflict. It will minimize the damage.A study of actual problem of company is reported. It will contribute to the prevention and resolution of channel conflict in automobile marketing of Tianlong, alleviate the tension relationship between members of the channel and operating risks in Tianlong company, improve operating efficiency of distribution channels in Tianlong company and the marketing performance of in Tianlong company. Meanwhile, it is expected that the analysis and research provide decision-making reference for dealers to prevent and resolve channel conflict.
Keywords/Search Tags:automobile sale, channel conflict, control of channel, channel incentive
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