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Research On Mechanism Of Cooperative R&D Based On Technology Strategic Alliance

Posted on:2008-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212495364Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The company's technological innovation capabilities is a major resource of competitive advantage, which is directly related to Research and development(R&D)capacity, then company faces a important challenge how to manage effectively R&D. the company's technology R&D strategy greatly effect the company's technological innovation performance. In current competitive environment, the company's R&D mode gradually transfer to external technology acquisition from the past in-house R&D, cooperative R&D become a very important technology acquisition way, which can speed up the pace of the innovation and enhance the technological capability, So this paper study the cooperative R&D mechanism from different perspectives. The study focus on the following issues:First, the article recall the related theories on cooperative R&D and the former literatures, based on which, we explore the motivations of cooperative R&D and present seven propositions.Second, We study the mechanism of horizontal cooperative R&D, which refer to cooperation between competitors. We apply game theory to build a three-stage model, in which we introduce a new description of effective spillovers from absorptive capacity perspective. We breakdown the effective spillovers into spillovers potential and absorptive capacity, by resolving the model, we see the controllable absorptive capacity parameter k's effect on the behavior of firms in the cases of non-cooperation and cooperation respectively.Third, based on the literatures of vertical cooperative R&D, This article build a new vertical model by introducing new demand function. Then we obtain the determinants of firm's decision to engage in vertical R&D cooperation.At last, using the basic theory and some conclusion got in this paper we empirically study Huawei and 3Com cooperative R&D. Through analyzing the two company different resource and the formation of cooperation we study the research joint venture Huawei3Com company operation mechanism, show a real cooperative R&D case.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cooperative R&D, Technology strategy alliance, Technology spillovers, Absorptive capacity, Game model
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