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Research On The Risk Management Of The Financial Holding Company In China

Posted on:2007-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial holding company is the realistic choice for China's financial industry in the transition from separated operation to integrated operation. However, because the financial holding companies' forming has spontaneity and random, together with its huge organizational structure and the complex stockholder's rights relation, cause it has the general risks, the special risks and the unique risks in the management. If these risks haven't commendably obtained the recognition and researching, and lack the effective risk management measures for a long time, then the realistic and latent risks will be huge. Therefore, how manages and guards against the finance holding companies' risks in China and promotes its health development, become this paper's researching subject.On the basis of the financial industrial organization theory and the enterprise-wide risk management theory, at first, the paper begins with the finance holding companies' development present situation in China, analyzes its development situation, types, general risks, special risks and the peculiar risk, and also expatiates the questions existing in the risk management.Secondly, the paper uses for reference the risk management experiences of overseas finance holding company, and with China's reality, takes the advanced risk management idea as the instruction, takes the omni-directional risk management system, the comprehensive risk management scope, the entire journey risk management process, the brand-new risk management method, whole staff' risk management culture, the complete risk management concept as the core, to construct the risk management system of China's financial holding companies.Finally, this paper uses for reference the exterior supervision experiences of overseas finance holding company to choose and construct the financial holding company's exterior supervising pattern in China and put forwards the supervision's stress points. So this paper provides the theoretical reference and instruction to construct the enterprise-wide risk management system of China's financial holding companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial holding company, Enterprise-wide risk management, Risk-adjusted return on capital
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