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Mobile Payment Demand Analysis Of Beijing Banking Industry

Posted on:2008-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360215482252Subject:Business Administration
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Convergence is the main development trend of the world telecom market. After joining into WTO, China telecom industry has became the most important part. The relationship between them becomes closer and closer. Convergence also becomes the development trend of the China telecom industry in the future.The first stage of convergence is the networks convergence and its final stage is service and terminal convergence. FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) which is talked frequently in the telecom field is only the first stage of the networks convergence. The multi-industry application which is based on the telecom technology will become the important method to drive convergence. Since China entered into the reformation and opening stage, China telecom industry had kept the high development speed which exceeded 10 percent and is higher than the average increasing speed of GDP of China. In 2006, the total revenue of China telecom industry was 1459.21 billion RMB, the revenue of service was 648.3 billion RMB, which occupied 3.3 percent of GDP. The telecom industry had played more and more important role in national economy and promoted the development of it. With "triple play" was written in the eleven five-year plan, convergence had been confirmed as the direction of China telecom industry development in the future. China telecom industry took on the task to popularize informed industry.As of 2006, the subscriber number of China mobile reached to 0.443 billion, the penetration of the mobile phone reached to 34.1 sets per hundred. The voice revenue from mobile networks became larger and larger. The mobile technology was becoming the customers' favorite of communication in China. At the same time, according to the monitoring of iResearch, the subscriber number of the personal online bank in China was increasing rapidly, which was 34.6 million, In 2005. In 2006, the number reached to 700 million and the growth rate was 102 percent. The finance service of bank became the important part of Chinese consumers' life. The mobile market and the credit card market were developing rapidly, which created the good market environment for mobile payment. Moreover, with enriching material civilization mobile payment had a large market demand because of rich material infrastructure and increasing constantly ideological infrastructure. How to utilize the mobile technology to provide expediently financial service was becoming the key point which is cared by customers. The mobile payment just was a converging financial service application, which based on the demand of customers.This thesis defines and analyzes "Bank industry mobile payment" detailed which is a new mobile electronic payment. Considering regulation policies, market size, industry chain, we analyze the status of China bank industry mobile payment. Through analyzing the inside and outside environment of Beijing bank industry mobile payment, we understand Beijing bank industry mobile payment's status, service request and future development plan. We hope we can predict the future development of Beijing bank industry mobile payment market through analyzing existed business models.
Keywords/Search Tags:mobile payment, demand analysis, market analysis, market trend
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