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Strategy Manegement Model Under The Three-Layer Property Right Mechnism In State-Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2008-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The modern enterprise mechanism operation in market economy is based on the character of which the property right is clear and property right behavior is well defined. This character is the precondition of performance of strategy in enterprises. Look back at the history of the reform of the state-owned enterprise property right, and we can find that from reform to give enterprises more right and profit, reform of profit-to-tax, reform of rent till the reform to establish modern enterprise mechanism, each reform to some extent made enterprises more flexible in the market, but also short term behavior and some other unexpected behavior emerged at the same time. Anyway, on the whole, the reform is good for the economy.To make enterprises independent corporations alone, instead of defining strictly in terms of property right that they are competing as main roles in market enables enterprises to distribute resources in the whole society. In this paper, by analysis of the function and the objective of state-owned enterprises, according to the principal that strategy must be converted into daily management and activities, and daily management & activities must obey the strategy of enterprises, we present a module in which we can combine national economic strategy with that of individual state-owned enterprises, with the name of the three grades module of property right. Under this module, we can combine strategies of nation economy, enterprise groups and state-owned enterprises, with national economic strategy, enterprise groups' strategy and individual enterprise strategy realized.
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned enterprise ( SOE), enterprise mechanism, property right behavior, strategic management
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