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An Empirical Study On Consumers' Repurchase Intention Based On Switching Cost In Chinese Mobile Teleommunication Services

Posted on:2008-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360215995656Subject:Business management
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This paper deeply analysed customers' repurchase intention of our nation's mobilecommunication service from switching cost perspective with empirical and canonicalanalysis. The aim is to provide feasible proposal for mobile communication pperators.Firstly, the author introduces the development and competition situation of Chinese mobilecommunication industry. The writer also points out that it is not enough to claritycustomers'repurchase intention with customer satifaction. According to this, the authoroutlines the researchi objective. Secondly, the author shows relevant refence aboutrepurchase intention, switching cost and antecedents of switching cost. Thirdly, the authordevelops the research model ande hypothesis on the base of characteristics of mobilecommunication and literature review. The model includes antecedents, switching cost andrepurchase intention. The antecedents have telecom operator factor, including product quality,service variety, service quality, relationship, and mobile tariff factor, and the characteristic ofcustomer, including customer experience and customer investment. Fourthly, the authorcollected 317 samples by internet and questionnaire investigation, then tests the model bySPSS. Finally, the author discusses the results, indicating the implications on theory andpractice, and points out the research limitations and future research directions.The result from empirical research indicates some suggeation. Switching cost can be dividedinto three types: procedural switching cost, financial switching cost, relational switching cost.The more relation switching cost and procedural switching cost are, the stronger repurchaseintention it is, while the effect of financial switching cost and repurchase intention is weak.Relationship significantly influences three types. Service variety positively influences relationalswitching cost. Service quanlity significantly influences procedaral switching cost andrelational switching cost. Customers' investment positively inflenced customer proceduralswitching cost; customer experience negatively influenced procedural switching cost andfinancial switching cost.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customers' Repurchase Intention, Procedural Switching Cost, Financial Switching Cost, Relational Switching Cost, Antecedents, Mobile Communication
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