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Study On The Causes Of Momentum Effect In Chinese Stock Market Based On The Behavioral Finance

Posted on:2007-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360242962377Subject:Business management
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Momentum effect is one of the so called anomalies. It has been validated that momentum effect exists in stock markets all over the world. Up to now, there isn't accordant viewpoint on the causes of momentum effect in academia. Studies indicate that momentum effect is related with the mentality and behavior of investors, micro structure of the market, and macro circumstance etc. Comparing with the West, the history of China stock market is short, the size is small, the exchange system and supervise system is not consummate.So, this paper try to explain the causes of momentum effect in China stock market from point of view of behavioral finance, basing on behavioral finance models that existing oversea and combining with the characters and investor's behavior in China stock market. Firstly, this paper study the existing behavioral finance models used to explain momentum effect. Secondly, this paper indicate the circumstance of China stock market through analyzing the characters and investor structure. Then, this paper analyze the mentality and behavior characters of the investor, and propound three models that can explain momentum effect in China stock market:Aiming at the behavior of investors in institution-individual period in the history of China stock market, this paper propound the"market manipulation"model. Basing on the policy market character, this paper analyze the policy market tendency and propound the"policy market"model. Consulting the HS model, this paper propound the normal model to explain momentum effect in China stock market. The result indicate that, in the given market conditions, the mentality character and the alternating action of investors can explain the cause of relevant momentum effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Behavioral finance, Momentum effect, The behavior of investor, Stock market
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