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Legal Problems Study Of Public Housing System In China

Posted on:2008-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y FanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360272469201Subject:Economic Law
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Adequate housing , is an important and necessary material conditions of survival and development for human.Therefore, "Everyone has an adequate house to live " is the content of the basic human rights- the right to housing. In a market-based housing supply and consumption systems, housing depends on the residents's capacity to pay, housing problems is the low-and middle-income residents's housing problems. Respecting and protecting the right to adequate housing is the responsibility and the duty of the gorvorment. The public housing system has been an important measure to solve low-and middle-income's housing problem in our country at this stage,and which is an important component part of the housing security system.In market-based system,the public housing system play an active role in solving the housing problems for the low-and middle-income.This thesis consists of four chapters:I, the basic theory housing system.Introduce the implication and character of the public housing and the system.And analyzes the legal basis theory of the system.II, the legal problem of the public housing system.To analyzed the legal problem of the legislative level, the operational level from a system design, operation propose ways to solve the problem. In response to the discussion of abolition, clarify the reason of the system should be kept,and also pointed out the direction of development.III, foreign and parts of regions system reference to China. The system came from abroad, developed countries and some regions have accumulated rich experience. Comment on the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong's public housing law system and mode of operation, and contrast the current situation in China, obtain enliahtment for China.IV, the legal advice for perfecting the public housing system.Against the issues of the second chapter, make guiding ideology for perfecting, the basic framework of the legal system, and design ideas of specific legal system., such as the subsidy allocation mechanism, the withdrawal mechanism ,financial support,dispute settlement echanism,and Legal accountability system.
Keywords/Search Tags:affordable housing, public housing, housing security, modes of housing subsidy
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