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Research For Technological Innovation Diffusion Choice Model Based On Intellectual Property

Posted on:2009-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360272470281Subject:Business management
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Knowledge economy era marked the development of human society will be faced with new opportunities and challenges. The economic competition is the essence of the technological strength competition, and technological innovation is the driving force for economic development. The adoption of technological innovative is the basic process for the proliferation. A technology innovation can perform its social and economic value only when it can be diffused and adopted by majority of enterprises. If there is no innovation diffusion, there will be no economic impact. Because of the innovation diffusion, innovation can change the industrial structure.In 21st century, the technology economic is rapid developed and advanced, the technological innovation is developed in high-speed, and technological innovation diffusion also played an important role in this era. With the development, the position of intellectual property rights in economy, science, technology and trade has also been a historic upgrade. However, the increasing protection of intellectual property rights had a two-way effect for technological innovation diffusion. It not only creates favorable external condition's for the technological innovation diffusion, but also increases the costs for diffusion. Based on intellectual property rights, whether a enterprise chooses the appropriate mode of diffusion or not will result in how well the diffusion of technology innovation will be carried out.The paper, based on the research of technology innovation diffusion at home and abroad, analyzes the mechanism of the intellectual property rights for technology innovation diffusion, then combining the competition analysis between innovation and diffusion, it comes to conclusion that there must be introduction of intellectual property rights to regulate the innovation and diffusion for the technology competition between modern enterprises. Then, based on intellectual property rights, it uses the economic theory to analysis the cost-benefit of technological innovation diffusion. Finally, it uses Game Theory to analyze the supplier and demand-side. It also constructs technology innovation diffusion choice model for different types of enterprises. The purpose of the study is to provide strong academic basis for the enterprises to carry out technology innovation diffusion successfully, then technology innovation diffusion can play an important role in technology and economy growth process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological Innovation Diffusion, Dynamic economic benefits, Diffusion Mode, Game Theory
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