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Research On Asset Allocation Strategies Of Securities Investment Funds

Posted on:2010-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Asset allocation of securities investment funds are the core asset management, the theory is built on the foundation of modern portfolio theory. But overall, China's securities investment funds to a lack of asset allocation through risk diversification, which makes our country funds in the stock market Pursues rises kills falls, the United States financial crisis has led to China's stock market decline since the depth of 72.81 percent, China Fund industries have suffered huge losses.During the outline property disposition's rationale, the paper analysis securities investment fund assets disposition decision-making's influencing factor, has discussed the strategic property disposition, the tactical property disposition and the periodic property disposition connotation and the characteristic, summarized the economic cycle in the Stock market and the bond market conduction mechanism. The paper uses the comparison analytic method and the real diagnosis methodology, has made the contrastive analysis to the property disposition strategy pattern, and proposed, in the consideration economic cycle fluctuates in the situation, the periodic property disposition strategy, needs compared to only to pay great attention the long-range objective the strategic property disposition strategy, as well as is merely changes the viewpoint which according to the market short-term the trimming concrete property disposition proportion the tactical property disposition strategy is friends with. Through makes the risk income real diagnosis examination discovery to the strategic property disposition and the tactical property disposition, in our country securities investment fund disposition process the strategic property disposition function high tactical property disposition. The property disposition is again balanced may maintain the disposition proportion the stability, the guarantee investment yield and the dispersion investment risk. Makes the real diagnosis examination to the securities investment property disposition achievements, obtained in has carried on the investment decision as institutional investor's securities investment fund in the process, should take the property disposition strategy the choice, in followed the economic cycle operating law in the foundation, the construction periodic property disposition, achieved the strategic property disposition and the tactical property disposition unifies, realized the investment yield maximization and reduces the investment risk the conclusion. The choice investment fund property disposition strategy conducts the research, was precisely unified the current our country fund development present situation and the prospect, and hoped that could certainly play to our country's investment investment funds industry profits from the role.
Keywords/Search Tags:model of strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, Economic cycle, asset rebalancing strategy
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