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A Research Of China Enterprise Internal Control Under The COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Posted on:2010-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the sustained development of economy in China, the reforming and opening goes deep into, the competition coming from international market is more and more fierce. In order to strengthen the market competitive power of our country enterprise in the international, on the basis establishing a modern enterprise system, we must reinforce the construction of inside enterprise controlling system, and draws close to the international standard. Strengthening the enterprise internal control is the enterprise most foundational work, is also the guarantee of the enterprise's persistent existence and the development.This article provides a detailed interpretation and analysis on the latest developments of the internal control -.It also points out the breakthroughs and progress comparing to the past. Comparatively the new frame starts to pay great attention the overall risk control, and introduces the comprehensive risk management method into the internal control. By review and analysis the internal control defeat case of China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corp., I summarized the question and the origin reason of our country risk management and the internal control. According to the request of COSO , I give some suggestion from certain aspects on our country Enterprise internal control. Finally this article takes China Netcom Group as an example, takes the internal control new frame "Business risk Management - Overall Frame" as the guidance, unified the new frame eight big factor analysis this enterprise's internal control system. This practice case has certain guiding sense on the construction of enterprise inside controlling system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internal control, Risk management, Enterprise Risk Management Frame
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