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Research On The Archives Of Taxation Administration Under The Taxation Informationization Environment

Posted on:2010-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y PangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360278977509Subject:Archival science
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The meaning of the taxation informationization includes two aspects, doing greatly part of the taxation work with the modern information technology instead of manual operating,and taking the computer network as the terrace to carry out various management work of the taxation. It has close relation with the taxation administration work and puts great emphasis on the control and direct of the information.The taxation administration archives are which formed in the process that the revenues of all levels carrying through the taxation administration by law, which have the value of preserving and utilizing, and exist as materials , like writing, graphic chart and so on , including official document, report form, evidence, voucher, account roll, warrant and certification etc. The effective management of the taxation administration archives has greatly promoting impact on the supervision of the tax source, the standardization of the process of the executing the law and the subtle of management.The taxation informationization brings advantage to the management of the taxation administration archives, at the same time, the traditional management of the taxation administration archives also gets challenge. The advanced mode and methods adopted for the management of the taxation administration archives in the informationization environment by some oversea developed countries are good for our country to study and use for reference.A series of problem that existed in some aspects, such as management consciousness, methods, institution setting, personnel and so on, haven't been resolved primely yet, the extensive usage of the taxation operation software in the informationization times has brought some new problem to the management of the taxation administration archives.The"one style"taxation operation electronic archives management system was designed for corresponding with and solving the problem upward, the system can make the taxation administration archives in the taxation informationization environment gain effective management.
Keywords/Search Tags:the archives of taxation administration, electronic archives, taxation informationization
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