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The Research In Policy Of Finance That Promotes The Harmonious Development Of Regional Economy In China

Posted on:2010-05-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360302962132Subject:Public Finance
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The coordinated development of regional economy of a country related to the rational development of resources, the sustainability of economic growth, social stability and economic equity, and was much valued by the Central Government of the country. Caused by the imbalance of China's regional economic development are complex and varied reasons, and one of the Government's fiscal measures on the regional differences in changes in our country has a very prominent impact. Therefore, the cause of regional economic development of our country's fiscal imbalance should have full understanding of the factors.In this paper, the allocation of resources from the finance function to start, according to the model with the local public Tiebout products and financial separation of powers theory, government intervention from the perspective of regional differences find a solution to the fiscal measures .Around the natural existence of economic disparities, economic development and bring about financial development is unbalanced, resulting in uneven levels of public services, embodied in the road transport facilities, medical and health services and education development.If we try to identify the causes of imbalance in regional development, including many aspects, such as non-balanced government policies, regional tax incentives strategy, tilted to the city's financial policies and state-owned enterprise reform; fiscal decentralization; rate of return on investment of public services is different from the main road transport facilities and educational return on investment rate of return are different; labor mobility and migration, such as household registration restrictions, local protectionism, the imperfect social security system and supporting the market, these factors cause the common areas of non-balanced development of economy.According to the actual situation in my country, my recommendations: First, the implementation of regional economic coordinated development of fiscal policy, improve the equalization transfer payment system to promote the development of the western region, revitalize the northeast old industrial base, and enhance the competitiveness of the central region, to speed up development in minority areas; two to amend the fiscal decentralization has a negative impact on the main amendments are regions outside of public resources and the establishment of an effective inter-regional redistribution and risk-sharing mechanisms; three, to promote equalization of public services, and optimize the allocation of transport infrastructure investment to ease regional differences in investment in education, health care resources to ensure a balanced distribution; four, the lifting of immigration restrictions, to encourage the flow of population in urban and rural areas to improve the immigration status of the traffic and housing, positive for the provision of social services to immigrants.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional differences, Fiscal measures, Fiscal decentralization
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