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Study On Production Schedule Management Of YKX-type Milling Machine In RG Company Base On MS Project Software

Posted on:2011-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Into the 21st century, as China's rapid economic development, state-owned enterprise restructuring, as well as the gradual launch of China's accession to the WTO and other events, China's machine tool market volume to grow rapidly. This is to improve the machine tool industry in China to develop own standards and create a good platform. As the socialization of production, social division of labor is more detailed, leading to a dedicated machine tool market share continue to grow. As China's professional manufacturer of RG milling companies have encountered a good opportunity for the development of orders continuously. In the machine tool production, an order for production is the production according to customer's needs, design, and production and provides customers with higher productivity, higher corporate profits equipment. However, there is inventory in relation to mass production, order production of longer production cycle, will result in customer loss. How to order the production organization and management of production has also become a test.Based on the RG-type milling machine in YKX the actual situation of production management, combined with YKX-type milling machine production schedule management features, for YKX-type milling machine production schedule management, organizational structure is irrational, will be the production schedule slippage, resource utilization unreasonable, major issues such as inventory costs. According to the project management theory, the use of project schedule management techniques in the network planning techniques, the use of MS Project software, the first right YKX-type milling machine work breakdown structure (WBS) decomposes the establishment of RG the company's resource base, through the software-generated YKX-type milling of the project network diagrams and critical path are analyzed. The RG's economy under the original plan of the original line-into a functional organization structure matrix organization structure; by setting the task priority level, shortening the critical path; make full use of resources, library resources, the procurement process and the production process change in parallel. YKX-type milling machine to make the production schedule can be optimized. In the production implementation phase of the production process is divided into the planning phase, implementation phase and the concluding stage. Through the establishment programmed implementation. Establish assurance measures. Build dynamic progress monitoring methods guarantee the smooth implementation of the plan. Through the implementation of optimized production planning, production efficiency is improved, production costs are reduced; production progress management has become simplified and scientific; the production process in the idle time is also reduced. Ultimately proved the use of MS Project software optimization RG's YKX-type milling machine production schedule management are very good results.In this paper, a combination of theory and practical methods of project management theory, technology and software used in machine tool production schedule management process, for how a modern machine tool manufacturing, according to market demand application management solutions to appear in China Machine Tool Builders shed light on some of the issues, but also for China's machine tool manufacturers from extensive to intensive management model management model provides a guideline transformation.
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