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The Research On Channel Management Of Property Insurance Company A

Posted on:2011-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Channel is also a means of path,communication or access. Marketing channel is a chain of organizations which facilitate the successful products and services to be used or consumed. These organizations are interdependent and come into being a series of paths which help to deliver the products and services to end customers. Marketing channel is an important element of the value chain between enterprise and customer.Insurance Marketing contains a series of activities which are designed to meet the insurance requirements of potential customers in the target market. As one kind of highly specialized financial products, insurance products usually reach consumers by going through particular distribution channels These distribution channels constitute the insurance marketing channel.Insurance marketing channel can be divided into direct sales channel and indirect sales channel. The direct transction between insurance companies and consumers constitute the direct insurance sales. Insurance business through any intermediaries between companies and consumers is the indirect sales. The selection of insurance sales channel directly affects the development and implementation of sales strategy in the insurance companies. With the appropriate sales channels, corporation can greatly reduce the operating expenses during the promotion of insurance products. By reviewing the journey of insurance industry we can find that marketing channel has always been the irreplaceable point for achieving corporate strategic objectives of the insurance companyAt present, the domestic property insurance products are in the market of product homogeneity, so the distribution of products is becoming more and more important. Based in a range of data of current markets,we can demonstrate that marketing channel has become a decisive factor for insurance companies to increase their sales revenue. Because of the high degree dependence of the sales channel, most companies adopt a laissez-faire attitude for channel management, some companies even take part in unfair competition for control of more channels. The lack of inherent channels and the inefficiency of developing new channels of are causing the insurance company lost control of the sales channels, The distributors occupied the strong position of the value chain. This situation not only restricted the further development of the insurance channel, but also increased the business risks of insurance companies. How to maintain a smooth channel system and how to mobilize the enthusiasm of channel members to play a positive role of the channel are the key issues to be addressed by the insurance companies in the coming future.In allusion to development and status quo of the distribution channel in Property and Casualty Insurance market, this paper analysed company A's marketing environment with Porter's value chain analysis. By combining management theory with channel management practice,we try to identify the fundamental causes of problems of the channel management. Also we proposed our solution to improve A company's marketing channel management based in adoption of marketing and management experience from both domestic and international insurance companies.
Keywords/Search Tags:marketing channel, channel conflict, control, channel strategy
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