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Study On Comprehensive Risk Management Of Dongying Branch Of BOC

Posted on:2011-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360308990522Subject:Project management
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With China's accession to WTO, Chinese industries are facing new challenges. Chinesefinancial sector is also true in this respect, but as an important component of Chinese financialindustry faces competition in the banking sector is particularly prominent. In a fully open,competitive condition, the commercial bank's risk management capability level determinesthe rise and fall of commercial banks, honor, and risk management has become the corecompetitiveness of commercial banks. Consequent risks and benefits are accompaniedinseparable, so commercial banks are in the process of control and risk management toachieve profitability and development. Along with the deepening global financial-orienteddevelopment, people are also more and more emphasis on risk management, Bank of the Westand other advanced commercial banks already started to implement a comprehensive riskmanagement. In recent years, with the "New Basel Capital Accord," the promulgation ofChinese banking industry has begun to focus on improving their risk management capabilities.Therefore, through the commercial bank risk management research is not only beneficial tothe development of Chinese commercial banks, combined with the unit --Dongying, BranchShandong Province Bank of China of the specific features but also helps to improve overallrisk management capabilities of Dongying branch of BOC. It makes the healthy developmentof Dongying branch of BOC.First,introduces the topics of the background and significance of paper, a brief analysisof international research in this area status and the basic ideas and methods of paper; Second,describes the overall risk management of the basic theory of commercial banks, and foreignbanks in the basic theory of overall risk management experience, comprehensive riskmanagement should learn from opinions in China; Then, briefly describes the basic Dongyingbranch of BOC, and make comprehensive risk of Dongying branch of BOC management ofthe necessity. Beside, put forward current problems in risk management and in the comprehensive risk management problems for analysis and discussion; At last, through theanalysis of various aspects of proposed Dongying branch of BOC useful to build acomprehensive risk management system and some improved measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bank of China, Dongying Branch, Comprehensive Risk Management, Risk Management System
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