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Liao And Jin Dynasties Royal Falcon - Hai Dong Qing (spear Falcon),

Posted on:2012-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2190330335971911Subject:Historical geography
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As one of the most famous falcons, Haidongqing once was used as the imperial hunting bird during Liao and Jin periods, so that there are some records about it in historical literatures. When emperors of Liao and Jin were hunting in spring, the Haidongqing played an important role for their good capacity of catching swans. And the Banquet of First-caught Swan was their favorite entertainment. Because of its importance position in imperial hunting activities, Haidongqing got to a preferred bird being caught and tamed by some nationalities in northeast area. It also was deeply involved into the relationship with politics, economy, nationalities-relationships, social custom and natural environment during Liao and Jin periods. This thesis studied the biological nature of the bird Haidongqing, and its historical population change and its relationship with ecological environment and human being's society in Liao and Jin periods.There are 5 parts including the introduction and body part that composed of 4 chapters in this paper.In the introduction, the cause and significance of this research item was illuminated and most related researches were reviewed. The methodology, outline and some conceptions of this paper were introduced, too.The body part was composed of 4 chapters as follow:In chapter 1, the name of Haidongqing was explored and interpreted;also its biological nature, living environment and geographical distribution were researched. According to historical records, Haidongqing was named probably in the mid period of Tang Dynasty or later than that because of its being tribute from Haidong Area. Haidongqing is a kind of migratory bird, from the polar region of northeast Asia to Heilongjiang Area in lower latitude by across the sea. Compared the historical record of Haiongqing's biological characteristics, it is confirmed to be gyrfalcon of nowadays actually. The Haidongqings that caught by Liao and Jin mostly was from Wuguobu and Nuzhenbu of the lower area of Heilongjiang River and Songhuajiang River.In chapter 2, the relationship between Haidongqing and ecological environment of Liao and Jin periods was researched. It was a quick development period for different nationalities' social economy in northeast area during Liao and Jin periods. People's activities about agriculture, herd or fishing were developing by different nationalities in their living area depended on different natural environment at that time. The emperors of Liao and Jin often sent people to catch Haidongqing from Wuguobu area just to satisfy their need of hunting entertainment, which reduced the quantity of Haidongqing and destroyed their living environment. Together with the death while taming and catching it, the reducing of Haidongqing's quantity is unavoidable. At the same time, Haidongqing's using in hunting also influenced the quantity of wildfowl, such as swan and wild goose, and so on.In chapter 3, the management and taming of Haidongqing in Liao and Jin was studied. The two Dynasties both attached importance to managing and taming Haidongqing so that there was a special "hawk department" to be in charge of it, supplying good management and extractive taming by officials and workers. For example, the Shaowabu was the hawk department of Liao.In chapter 4, the relationship among Haidongqing and political systems, nationalities-relationships and cultural custom of Liao and Jin was talked about. As an imperial hunting bird, Haidongqing played an indispensable role in emperors' Spring Hunting of Liao. It even got to be an important factor which cannot be ignored during the process of Liao ruining the Jin. According to this research, the Struggle of Controlling Hawk Road which originated by paying Haidongqing as tribute supplied a good chance for Wanyan Tribe's growing up and unifying all Nuzhen tribes, so, the NU zhen's rebellion claimed that Liao forced them to pay Haidongqing as tribute was only a seemed reasonable excuse. This conclusion is different from the former research. In addition, during Liao and Jin periods, people of different nationalities living in northeast area such as Qidan and Nuzhen, and so on, had invented rich and colorful cultures of Hawk, in which Haidongqing is the most typical one.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liao and Jin periods, Haidongqing, ecological environment, society of Liao and Jin, N(u|¨)zhen's Rebellion against Liao
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