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Study Of Two-dimensional Region Meshing Algorithm

Posted on:2004-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H W SheFull Text:PDF
GTID:2190360095450768Subject:Computational Mathematics
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Mesh generation is the first step to solve partial differential equations by means of the finite element method, finite difference method and finite volume method. But it is a time consuming, complex, and even very difficult work to generate meshes by handwork. Automatic mesh generation can save time, reduce error, enhance efficiency, and improve the computation reliability. So searching for high speed, efficient and automatic mesh generation methods is of great importance.In this paper, the methods of triangulation in two-dimensional domain are mainly proposed. Based on the analysis and summarization of the current algorithms, several new methods and algorithms of mesh generation were proposed. The main contributions of the paper are as follows:1. A new algorithm based on the minimum spanning tree theory of graph was proposed which improved the computation efficiency and reliability of previous methods.2. Combined with the traditional Delaunay method, a new Advancing Front method was presented, which could ensure the convergence of algorithm.3. A technique that can generate the initial coarser meshes was proposed.4. A mesh nodes numbering method was proposed that could narrow the band of total stiff matrix.In addition, a method of mesh gradation control by means of point distribution and a method of mesh refinement were also proposed in this paper.Numerical experiments showed that our methods were feasible and efficient.
Keywords/Search Tags:mesh, mesh generation, mesh refinement, mesh optimize, Delaunay triangulation, Advancing Front method, shape quality
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