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Maliuchang Constructed Jialing River Formation Reservoirs Fine Logging Interpretation Methods

Posted on:2006-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2190360182455940Subject:Earth Exploration and Information Technology
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At present, since a lot of large oil fields and fertile oil wells are found in carbonate reservoir in the world, it is inevitable for the log interpretation to carbonate reservoir todevelop towards delicate interpretation. Based the research project, " Jialingjiang reservoir in Maliuchang gas field logging materials digital processing and interpretation " from South-Sichuan Gas Field of Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company, a large amount of research work about log interpretation to Jialingjiang reservoir in Maliuchang gas field has been doen in this paper.Firstly the optimization log interpretation method is researched. The paper sets up the mathematics model of optimization and log interpretation model based on the analyses about measurement error of log curves, log response equation and constraint condition. Then this paper solves the optimization equation with multidimensional search varied scale method combined with one dimension search parabolical method. Finally, it writes program in above-mentioned method and hangs it on "FORWARD" software for the use to log interpretation.In order to solve the problem in Jialingjiang reservoir in Maliuchang gas field the characteristic of high water saturation, the paper uses dual porosity interpretation model in carbonate rock, i.e., regards the formation pore space as two parts: one is micropore, which is raft of irreducible water, the other is available pore space or influent pore space. At first, it sets up the relation between porosity and irreducible water saturation, and then the mobile water saturation from log interpretation used in the calculation of proved reserves.In the research, at first, fractures and their types are identified by the combined characteristic of normal log curves and some image logging materials, and then their porosity and permeability parameters are also calculated by electrical resistivity log curve.The chapter, " The example analysis about delicate log interpretation of Jialingjiang reservoir in Maliuchang gas field ", takes M2, M3, M4, M6 and M8 wells as an example and introduces the whole course of this logging material digital processing in details. At first, it researches the basic work on each well log materials, such as environment correct, standardization research etc, and then goes on " Four Property Relation Study" with key well, sets up rock models and makes it suit for the characteristic of the area, offers reference for choosing the interpretation parameter in the area. At last, this paper uses collected materials of drill core physical property analysis, lithify, test, indication to analyse the result of the log interpretation.Lower limit value of reservoir physical property parameter is researched with relativelypermeability data in the paper, and the results of log interpretation from the Jialingjiang reservoir of Maliuchang gas field is counted. Many kinds of method are applied to identifiy the reservoir fluid property for the characteristics of low resistivity and high water saturation.Results of the research have been used to calculate proved reserves in Jialingjiang reservoir in Maliuchang gas field. And the result of calculation (97.40* 108m3) has been checked by the reserve commenting of Chinese petroleum limited liability company on October 29, 2003. So, it has proved the applicability and credibility of the results of log interpretation directly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Carbonate reservoir, Log interpretation, Optimization method, Fracture, Mobile water saturation, Lower limit value, Reservoir Fluid property, Proved reserves
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