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Low Porosity And Permeability Oilfield Dense Sand And Shale Reservoir Productivity Prediction

Posted on:2009-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2190360245460063Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Oil and water laver identification is one of the principal research duties in the work of log interpretation,but it is not the ultimate aim.Whether producing oil-gas or whether achieving economic effective development is another critical duty after fnding oil and water layer.Only those oil-gas reservoirs which possess industry exploiting value can carry out perforation exploiting.Productivity forecast become an important links in the technique of log interpretation in order to avoid wasting funds due to blind perforation arousing ineffective perforation and the phenomenon of producing water.Productivity evaluation is a synthesize evaluation technique for producing oil capacity in reservoir,and it is also a difficult technique problem in the world of log and have very important significance during the exploring and developing for oilgas. Not only is it one of the crucial steps of promoting the exploring and developing benefit but also can it provide important scientific basis for the arrangement and plan of exploring and developing scheme.The fluid's permeating obey Darcy's law by and large to the medium or higher porosity reservoir,so it is easy to forecast productivity. However,it does not obey Darcy's law to very low porosity reservoir which has complicated permeation mechanism and many factors of influencing productivity are too prominent,so it is difficult to forecast productivity.Songliao Basin,the east of DaQing P]acanticline,the west FuYu and YangDa ChengZi oil reservoirs are laying hidden in the earth reaching a 1200 - 2500 meters deep.The rocks are pressed very thick and they belong to the later period of becoming rock.Owing to the underdeveloped opening which is the main primitive opening,the auxiliary secondary opening,the high content of slurry,they belong to very low porosity reservoirs and the problem of productivity evaluation become more obvious.In this paper,based on the characteristic of densely mud sand with poor porosity and permeability,I sufficiently use logging data,core analysis data,testing oil data's layer value,returning place sampling and sample book sifting. First I use regression analysis method to pick up geology parameters which arc close with productivity,and then I establish productivity discriminating model according to Bayes,Fisher,stepwise discriminating methods of multi-statistic analysis.By way of three methods contrast,I will select Bayes discriminating method to realize productivity forecast.
Keywords/Search Tags:low porosity and permeability reservoir, densely mud sand reservoir, log interpretation, discriminate analysis, productivity evaluation
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