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Development, Of Of Eucommia Buck Dropping Pills

Posted on:2007-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Aim at high incidence of cardiovascular disease at clinic ----hypertension,This paper choosed Folium Eucommiae as research object which from Chinese medicine Eucommiae ulmoides Oliv .Based on requirement of market and clinic medicine, using the extractum of Folium Eucommiae we produced drop pill.This preparation is solid and can be taken orally.Seeking way in order that it can quickly exert action,reduce dose and enhance bioavailability.So the main research content is the extractive technique, treating process ,the process and evaluation of preparation.Firstly,we established assay methods of active constituent in extraction, intermediate and drop pill. Chlorogenic Acid in extraction was quantitatively analyzed by difference spectrophotometry, in the extractum and drop pill were quantitatively analyzed by RP- HPLC.After each methodology was tested ,they were proved that the two methods were reliable and accurate. In terms of document retrievals and initial experiments,the extraction technology of Folium Eucommiae was determined by orthogonal experiment.The extraction was refined using chitosan clarification by homogeneous design method.Taking disintegration time,hand evaluation and weight variation as index ,the formulation and technique of drop pill were optimized by the orthogonal experiment,result: PEG4000 is matrix,Methyl-siliconoil is refrigerant, internal and external diameter of burette are equal to 2.50mm and 3.62mm,keeping the raw material/PEG4000(1:1.5)in the drop pill -made device with temperature at 80℃, which is dropped into the refrigerant of 14℃by 20 dropping per minute (freeze-pillar height 20cm ).The pill's quality was estimated synthetically by the study of quality standard, vitro dissolubility and stability.The result of quality standard research proved that Du Zhong Jiang Ya pill is stable and controllable. It was found that, through determination of dissolution rate,comparing with Du Zhong Ping Ya tablet, Du Zhong Jiang Ya pill is better than the tablet in vitro dissolubility.The experiment results showed that Du Zhong Jiang Ya pill's procedure is stable and the quality can be controllable.Comparing with Du Zhong Ping Ya tablet, Du Zhong Jiang Ya pill have fast reaction and high bioavailability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Folium Eucommiae, chlorogenic acid, ultrasonic wave extraction, chitosan, drop pill, in vitro dissolubility
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