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Preparation And Properties Of Nano-copper And Nano-diamond / Copper Composite Material Research

Posted on:2008-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360215998684Subject:Materials science
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Nano-copper powder was prepared by the method of reduction in aqueous solution usinghydrazine hydrate as reducer, Cu(NO3)2·5H2O as raw material. Using nano-diamondsynthesized by explosive methods as crystal nucleus, by reduction of copper salt solution,the copper particles were deposited on the surface of nano-diamond, thus the UDD/Cunano-composites with core-shell structure were prepared. The prepared nano-copper andUDD/Cu composites were characterized by XRD, TEM and FT-IR. It was found that bothof nano-copper and UDD/Cu composites are spherical, the particle size waswell-proportioned and the crystallinity was good; UDD/Cu composites were core-shellstructure, and copper in crystal form was coated uniformly on the surface of nano-diamond,and the dispersion of composites has been improved. Besides, several factors influencingthe particle size of nano-copper and UDD/Cu nano-composites were also discussed, suchas reaction temperature, the concentration of copper salt solution, the category and dosageof dispersant, the category of solvent, complexant, and so on.In this paper, in order to improve the anti-oxidation and oil-solubility of nano particles,nano-copper and UDD/Cu nano-composites were surface-modified with oleic acid. Theexistence of oleic acid on the surface of nano-particles was proved by the characterizationof TEM and FT-IR.The catalysis performance of nano-copper and UDD/Cu nano-composites for thethermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate (AP) was analyzed by DTA. The resultsshowed that both of them could catalyze the decomposition of AP intensively, and theUDD/Cu nano-composites were better. And the effects of granularity and content ofnano-particles on the thermal decomposition of AP were also investigated.The friction performance of olefin lubricant with nano-copper and UDD/Cunano-composites as additive was measured on MM-200 Ring-Lump Friction and WearTester. And the effects of the content of different additives and different load on the frictionperformance were also discussed, it was found that nano-copper and UDD/Cunano-composites as lubricant additive showed preferable friction-reducing and anti-wearproperties.
Keywords/Search Tags:nano-copper, UDD/Cu nano-composites, liquid reduction method, surface modification, catalysis, friction
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