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Catalytic Wet Oxidation With Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment Of Simulated Dye Wastewater Study

Posted on:2009-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360242488422Subject:Chemical Engineering
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The wastewater containing H-acid, an important intermedia of dye,frequently contains pollutant which has strong acidity and deep color as well as resistant to conventional treatments,such as biochemical and physicochemical process. The water will pollute the environment seriously if discharged directly. By taking the simulated wastewater of H-acid as the subject, the organic contamination was degraded by wet oxidation technology roundly in this paper, in order to solve the problem for enterprise and to provide an effective way for the treatment of high concentrated wastewater.To solve the problem of high reaction temperature and pressure in the wet air oxidize process,we use H2O2,which has stronger oxidative ability,as the oxidant,it was found that H2O2 could make the oxidizing reaction occur under gentle conditions and better results were obtained. At the same time,a serials of catalysts were made by the method of impregnated. Under the same process conditions, color removak COD removal,surface area of catalyst and the leaching of metal ion were investigated and regarded as the evaluation index of the activation and stability of catalyst. The prepared conditions of the catalysts and process conditions of CWPO were optimized respectively.Catalysts of Fe series were prepared by impregnation method,and the granularity of carrier, concentration of impregnation solution, calcination time and temperature were investigated to find the better conditions. Then added Ti, which can reduce the leaching of metal ion,but inefficient to the COD removal; When adding Ce,it was effective to both of them.During the CWPO process to treat the H-acid, the influence of the consumption of hydrogen peroxide, reaction temperature, pH value and initial H-acid concentration were investigated. Under the better conditions the CWPO process was effective to a wide concentration of H-acid.Kinetic analysis was done for CWPO on the basis of the experimental datum. Comparing with the WPO process, the Ea which adding the catalyst, was decreased by 58.1%.
Keywords/Search Tags:H-acid, catalyst, hydrogen peroxide, catalytic wet oxidation
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