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Research Of The Incentive Problems Of Community Full-time Workers

Posted on:2011-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K G LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2197330335990126Subject:Public Management
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With the rise of urban community and urban management center of of all kinds of social contradictions, especially moves and social issues of highlights, community work has become the important content of the grass-roots affairs management. Fully mobilize community worker team working enthusiasm and initiative, continuously improve the community service quality and efficiency of the masses, is the current community management work in an important content. To strengthen community full-time workers stimulation, is constructs a specialization, professional community worker team, through the improvement of an important point of incentives, form scientific incentive system, promote the formation of correct work oriented, inspire team work vigor, ensure the various tasks effectively completed. For community full-time workers incentive question of the research, has become a community workers team management in an important theoretical and practical significance of the subject. This article is in changsha city community full-time workers, for example, adopt empirical method, according to "the question, to analyze and solve problems" train of thought, through a comprehensive analysis of full-time workers group community of present situation, the thorough search community full-time workers incentive existence question and the reason, combined with city management development and community needs, the contrast of existing incentive system construction condition, pertinently put forward to strengthen and improve community full-time workers incentive countermeasure and the suggestion. The research in this paper, which tries to community full-time workers incentive system, the construction practice of providing operability for community program to realize scientific management, workers group promote harmonious community construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:city community full-time workers, incentive
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