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Total Factor Productivity And Economic Growth In Jiangsu

Posted on:2008-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360215474694Subject:Industrial Economics
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In recent years, more and more economists have been renewing their interests in the role of cities in economic growth and development, that's the place in which resource is allocated, and the core of national economic growth. Based on these new developments in theory and remarked process of economic growth in Jiangsu province. I mainly explore the mechanism of economic growth in the cities of Jiangsu by a channel below. In a developing country, Jiangsu has no choice but to learn from other economies around itself, the process of learning takes place mainly in cities. The population and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)of this city will make outstanding contribution on its TFP( Total Factor Productivity).Chapter 1 is the introduction of the dissertation. Compared the roles of cities in the economic growth of China with those of the world, I briefly documents the styled facts of the growth in cities and clarify the purpose of my research, that's highlighting some insights into the mechanisms of economic growth in the cities of Jiangsu through the channel mentioned above.Chapter 2 reviews in lengths the theoretical and empirical literature of the economic development and growth, and then discusses the economic resource allocation between cities and the technological progress as the result of the allocation, which are the basic points of the research to the economic growth of the state.In Chapter 3, On the base of a fact that city is a place of the economic resource allocation, I document the character of the economic growth of cities in Jiangsu province. From aspect of individual city, chapter 4 focuses on growth accounting. I employ Hall-Jones model(1999), not the conventional framework rooted in the Solow model(1957), to measure the level of TFP across 13 cities in Jiangsu province from 1996 to 2005, finding that there is a significant positive relationship between the level of TFP and the GDP across cities in Jiangsu province.From aspect of the goverment, chapter 5 is about the policy and advice.Jiangsu should improve its capacitance of human resourse and import FDI more. All these measures will be carried into execution to change the mode of economic growth and development.Chapter 6 summarizes the dissertation and the directions in the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Solow Model, Total Factor Productivity, Cities, Economic growth
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